Flea And Tick Prevention For Cats and Dogs

As the owner of three cats and two dogs, flea and tick prevention in always on my mind. When I lived in Wilton, CT it was especially bad due to the many deer that shared the property with me. The minute my poor dogs went outside they would be covered with at least two or three ticks and this is while they were on a preventative. Fleas were also a huge issue when we lived in New York City and in Stamford CT! At the veterinary hospital where I worked we’d be pulling fleas and ticks off of dogs well into December regardless of snow!

I got turned onto Revolution by one of the young vets that worked with me. The thing I liked about the product is that it covers fleas, ticks, heartworm, ear mites, and intestinal parasites in dogs. It does all the same for cats minus the heartworm. The main ingredient in it is ivermectin – which is also used for the treatment of hair mites that cause mange in dogs. Some breeds are genetically sensitive to ivermectin. Mainly the herding breeds including; Collies, Old English Sheepdogs, Shelties, Australian Shepherds, German Shepherds, Longhaired Whippets, and Border Collies. Also some mixed breed herding type dogs can be affected negatively too. Always check with your vet before using this product.

But for the rest of us, Revolution provides a quick and easy solution to a whole host of problems. It is a topical treatment simply placed on parted hair in between the shoulder blades. One of the vets I worked with also suggested using a drop or two on top of the head, as this is where fleas tend to start their journey!

At one of the animal hospitals where I worked we had the rep come in from Revolution and its label use says for 30 days, but she said that it is actually pretty effective for up to 45. Also, you can bathe your dog within hours of the application if necessary, which you cannot do with Frontline!
I keep my dogs on Revolution all year round. This means that I do not have to do the heartworm blood work yearly, which saves me a bit of cash!

I also like the product for cats. My special needs kitty Special Ed suffered chronically with ear mites until we started using Revolution on him. It took about a month with using ear drops to clean out the mites, but eventually we managed to get rid of them completely! We kept Eddie on Revolution until his death.

There are other good products, but I like the flexibility of Revolution.

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