I recently got a new client, a Morkie named Theseus. Morkies are a cross between Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers. As a close friend of mine renamed them a Yorktease! I thought it was funny…..

The owners introduced themselves via email and when I first saw his name I thought it wasThesis – like what you do in grad school – a dissertation! Sadly, I do have a degree in journalism! What a crazy blunder.

Quick read, easy mistake. I felt horrible when I asked the owner if she was in grad school. She kindly laughed. Thank god! They still hired me to take care of their beloved pet.Theseus is a Greek god, not a sweat inducing paper that gets you further degrees!

He suits his name. Although, small in stature, he is fearless and definitely cool. In the dog world he could rule a kingdom!

The nice thing about mixed breed small dogs as they have a longer life expectancy than pure breeds.  They take the best of both DNA and make a better dog. They also have less health problems that our pure breed best friends. (There is my Gerontology degree coming into play).

I’m the owner of pure breeds, but I also am a fan of a mix breed.

It’s all a personal choice for the owner!

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