The Pet Nannies: Contact Information

The Pet Nannies offers a variety of dog, cat and small animal services, including pet sitting, walking, and grooming. We are located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Have questions about our services? Want to book a free consultation? Our contact information to e-mail us directly at

Phone contact:  613-601-7331


We founded The Pet Nannies with a passion to provide exceptional animal care for pet parents. The idea of The Pet Nannies grew from our personal love of pets, our pet care experiences, and the knowledge that there was an ever-growing need for our services.

Meet Our Team

Victoria is a former New York City vet tech who founded Max’s Fur Family Rescue. This US based national charity placed over 4,000 cats, kittens, and dogs into forever homes. Some of these special animals even found a home with award-winning director Ron Howard. Due to her background in gerontology, Victoria is particularly skilled at working with older animals. She also enjoys tending to special needs animals. Three cats and two Brussels Griffons call Victoria ‘mom’.
If you have general questions about pet sitting, check out our FAQ section or e-mail us using our contact information.
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