Feeding your beloved pet can be a daunting task. There are so many brands available and

options. Wet, dry or both?


For cats, they are basically carnivores. Wheat, corn, rice or any type of carbohydrate is

not a good idea for them. These ingredients can lead to obesity and diabetes. There are

some foods on the market that list these as the primary ingredients. These are the ones to

steer clear from for the health of your feline. Some of the better foods on the market for

kitties are Wellness, Orijen, Fromm’s, and EVO are just a few brands that come to mind.

There are a lot of other specialty products that are protein rich. If you have a chubby kitty

friend you probably want to keep with a very protein rich diet. One of the veterinarians I

worked with called it the “CATKINS” diet!


Dogs are omnivores, but a quality diet is still essential. One that has fewer fillers is

always best. There is also the debate between wet and dry diets for your canine friend.

For Aulf and Verdell, my two Brussels Griffons, I tend to feed both wet food (Merrick

96% Tripe – Grain Free) and for their dry I use Orijen. I like these two products as

Verdell is a bit on the chubby side so I try to keep a protein rich diet and supplement with

fresh uncooked veggies.


My friend Janet who also has two Brussels loves Dr. Harvey’s, which is a grain free,

premixed assortment of veggies and herbs. You simply use hot water and add your own

protein. Janet herself is on an organic diet so her two pups usually get some very nice

proteins including fish, chicken and eggs.

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