If you talk to any owner about Brussels Griffons, you will quickly see that they are wholly committed to the breed. Once you have one, you can never choose another breed. They are cute! They are entertaining! And with their furry, loving disposition they win their way into your heart and you can’t imagine life without them. They are comical and excellent apartment dogs.  If you look at their description on any website they say they are highly intelligent! In the truth scale – they middle. They are no Border Collie, nor are they an Afghan. I think they sit somewhere in the top 40 smartest dogs! I think 90 are rated. So they aren’t special ed, but nor will they be winning any awards for brains!

They are willful, demanding, loving, comical and truly freaky. They do better in pairs as they crave attention.  They are not normally lap dogs, but they want to be wherever you are. The will sit on your feet, sleep next to you, snuggle up to the cat, everything to make sure they are always supported by anything breathing.

Since arriving in Canada I’ve only met one other and she was a rescue from a puppy mill. How awful for her, but once she met her peeps she was energetic and playful with mine.

Supposedly, the Ewoks in Star Wars by George Lucas were based on Brussels Griffons. The only other one I can think of in popular culture is “Verdell” from as “Good as it Gets” with Jack Nicholson and which won Helen Hunt an academy award.  Verdell, the dog in the film was actually played by a female dog named “Jill” who endured a die job to her beard to make her look more unusual! I guess all us girls aren’t up to snuff without a little plucking and some color corrections!

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