In my recent community outreach I found a very interesting group. The Pet Loss

Support Group of Ottawa Carleton, is a forum where pet owners can interact with

others who have recently, or in the past, lost a beloved companion animal.

During my days in rescue in the US, we had clients who lost animals to a variety

of illnesses including FIP, kidney or heart disease, among others, and it was

devastating to them. We were on the front lines quite often during the diagnosis

process, and end of life treatment. They had no other resources to reach out to, so

we would get the call. Their pet was adopted through us, and we would provide

what compassionate support and information that we could. But we weren’t

experts to say the least.


Apparently in Ottawa, there is a place to go to talk about the loss, or upcoming loss

of your animal friend. It doesn’t appear to be just canine and feline specific, but

offers support to a wide variety of pet owners.


The group is led by a facilitator, and involves informal discussions, reading

recommendations, and in some cases one on one support from other group

members. At times they have guest speakers.


This group meets the second Wednesday of the month in the Boardroom of the

Sandy Hill Community Centre, 250 Somerset Street East in Ottawa.


For more information

Call Victoria