I recently reconnected with a friend from 4-year old kindergarten! Her name is Alanna Teed. I was once invited over to her house for a birthday party and didn’t quite know how to pronounce her name so she was “alannalouiseteed” to me. Much to my parent’s confusion – it still comes up in conversation from time to time.

When you work in animal rescue, people are drawn together for a specific need!  Well, now Alanna works with strays that need to be trapped, health checked, spayed or neutered. What an admirable cause!

Their group the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue is having an event at CHEW THAT, a fabulous pet store and very pet rescue friendly business from 1-5 pm on July 19th!  I highly recommend that people attend and see what they have to offer. There is a silent auction with lots of great stuff to be had.

The location of CHEW THAT is 665 Earl Armstrong Rd! You might just get a glimpse of the newly opened bridge to Barrhaven along the ride.

A little note from Alanna:

“I started to foster for OSCATR about a year and half ago.  I was looking for a companion for my cat Charlie, but having another wasn’t an option.  Fostering seemed like the right fit.  It has been more rewarding than I ever thought it would be.  We have fostered 4 kittens so far and I am looking forward to helping so many more.  The OSCATR is such a wonderful organization.  They are so dedicated to helping these lovely animals.  I feel we are blessed to have them in Ottawa and they deserve all the support we can give them.”

Good work Alanna!


Just an overview of their organization!

IMPACT they have had –

We were curious to see what kind of impact we’ve had so far on the cat population in Ottawa, so we had a statistical simulation done on our data.

From 2011 – 2013 we’ve spayed 173 female cats.

That translates into preventing approximately 63,000 possible strays/feral from being born in the Ottawa region.  Amazing right!

That figure is based on:

  • 20% annual mortality rate (after weaning age)
  • 3 litter per year, per female
  • average of 12 kittens per year, per female
  • 15% loss rate of kittens before weaning
  • 46.5% of all kittens born being female
  • It was a 5 year simulation



OSCatR is made up of a group of individuals dedicated to helping Ottawa’s cats. We do not have a dedicated facility; adoptions are foster home-based which is made possible thanks to OSCatR’s passionate volunteers and fosters. This gives the cats more interaction, exercise and freedom, which is crucial to rehabilitating cats that come in off the street. It also permits us to more accurately determine each cat’s behaviour and personality, thus ensuring long and happy adoptions.


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